“The Underground should never hit the Surface”

Creating applied Art on skate- surf and snowboards was the fundamentental idea behind founding SEVERE .  Dutch designer Sander Kuipers founded the brand in 2002. The first editions of  apparel and a wide variety of skateboards were fairly succesfull.  We exposed the brand twice at the boardsports ISPO in Munich. However, the raw mix of urban trash combined with an unpolished punk look gathered more shocked reactions than sales. The ‘market wasn’t ready for it’ at that time. Two years later we saw  that “Eastpack”  had copied our style.  SEVERE stayed an independent contender in the boardsportsmarket for years , before it went underground again.

Nearly a decade later, SEVERE founded  boardshop  skatesurfsnowstore.com.  It became one of the best selling boardshops of the conceptual snowboardbrand   KORUA Shapes   With the brand booming sky-high, competition between shops became increasingly hostile.(….) KORUA’s  corporate identity and guidelines started to feel like a carefully designed straitjacket. Rigid and restrictive. Dissonants not allowed.  We got a lot of customer complaints about basic quality, finishing and  durability of the KORUA snowboards. (…) Skatesurfsnowstore would like to deliver high end products.  As it turned out, KORUA couldn’t match our expectations.  Shattered the illusion. Sometimes an awesome marketing campaign just isn’t enough.  It made us decide to pull the plug and move on.


After the KORUA debacle,  Sander Kuipers  co-founded snowboard brand Powfinder.  High end bamboo packed powderboards. Sander played a major role in getting Powfinder where it is today. Besides distribution, marketing and initial webdesign, he was responsible for the companies aesthetics.  Sander created the clean Signature series, the colorful SURFR series and the transparant Limited Editions.  Designing  their Splitboard and the Limited 19/20 series was his final venture. At the start of 2019  ongoing health issues – due to Lyme disease-   forced him to step back again and focus on less demanding activities.  As a direct result ArtePovera.nl was born

In 2014 Sander designed an innovative collection of high performance surfboards  First edition came rolling in straight from the Atlantic. HP  Shortboards ,  Hypto Krypto Sequel  and  retro styled  Minimals. Shaped and glassed in close collaboration with  one of the very best European Surfboard shapers today. Retro style colorpacks with a good clean seventies vibe.