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Dutch boardsports company, SEVERE is making a comeback after health issues caused the directors to put a hold on things.
The new range of surfboards celebrates SEVERE’s return with style. Best of luck on your return, SEVERE.

Dutch boardsports company SEVERE releases its very first extended range of SEVERE Surfboards to celebrate its comeback after years of unintentional retreat.

Many people have wondered why SEVERE, a fairly successful Dutch board brand, suddenly dropped off the radar. The reason why is as simple as it disturbing: Sander K. the man behind SEVERE, was faced with some mysterious health problems which intensified over time. As it turned out, an infected tick had been the culprit “Lyme disease” had found its way into the deeper regions of his system – far from the reach of most medication. Nearly a decade later, SEVERE’s owner feels strong enough to return, dealing with limitations and determined to get SEVERE back on track.

With adding its own Surfboard range of next level shapes, a variety of minimals and shortboards. The boards were shaped in close collaboration with one of the best European shapers. The designs are pretty awesome: sprays and glassing in bright vibrant color packs with that good clean “seventies-vibe”

Besides its surfboards and skateboards SEVERE is the official dealer of Korua Snowshapes for the Netherlands. The online boardshop is the “one stop core shop” for premium boardsports gear, provided by SEVERE. We invite you to discover the variety of SEVERE’s finest: an exclusive collection of high end Surfboards, smart apparel, skateboards, premium pooldecks and Korua snowboards More information on the brand:  and   (Boardsportsource june 1st 2016)

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