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KORUA shapes Australia & New Zealand

Last winter it was deep in the US , Canada and Japan. As leading KORUA webshop we sold a lot of different shapes to numerous destinations worldwide, with a focus on countries in
Northern America ,Europe and Japan.  Our best selling KORUA items were  The Pencil, The Apollo , the Trannyfinder and the Puzzle. Personally I am still surprised the enormous potential and versatility of the KORUA Apollo56. With one of the worst winter seasons ever noticed in the French Alpes  we rode it in slush, hardpack, a little powder and groomers. Amazing performance. Best board ever.

We shipped our first Pencil 64 to Australia and Tasman. We even got a customer in the South Pacific! With the season slowly starting “Down Under” this might be the moment to expand your quiver .  It’s time to get our KORUA shapes Australia & New Zealand

Check out the complete KORUA whiteline at  https://www.artepovera.nl/online-boardshop/   Interested in the KORUA plus line?  Available online  at : May 2017

Building a quiver or looking for your next new board?

 If you are planning to ride one board only and not build a quiver of different shapes, it makes sense to choose a model with fitting length and width before going into nose and tail shapes. The length and width will simply play a bigger role on whether you will be stoked on the board on a daily basis. For people who want to build a quiver we suggest to pick a board that’s as different as possible from what you already have.

If you still don’t know what shape will bet he best for you , just simply drop us a line we’ll try to help you with some recommendations which seems best.
Just provide us with some information on  size, weight and experience: Are you a beginner, advanced or  a total pro-rider?  What is your  Riding Style … Do you like blowing powder, cruising slopes? Or do you prefer to get as low as you go-Are you into carving   or do you simply kicking  park and rail? Do you want it to  be your next  everyday board or merely  an addition to your quiver? And which shape  seems at this moment  the most appealing ?

As premium  KORUA webshop we already have shipped KORUA snowboards to  customers around the globe: Japan, Canada,  Germany, Sweden ,  United States, Finland,U.K.,  The Netherlands,Austria  Belgium,Germany, France , KORUA shapes Australia & New Zealand  ….  We even had a customer living in New Caledonia!  We offer Free EU shipping(2-3 days) And super fast international shipping ( 3-4 days) to Argentina, Russia, China,Japan, Australia and KORUA shapes New Zealand. The costs of shipping will be calculated automatically at the check out,   but are for the US, Canada 35 euros. If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere it varies between 65 to  95 euros, depending on your exact location. If you want the board to be delivered high priority get in touch.We’ll work it out.

KORUA shapes Australia & New Zealand

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