Private label “SEVERE” opens online skate-surf-snowboardstore


“Many people have wondered why SEVERE, a fairly successful Dutch boardsports brand, suddenly dropped off the radar. The answer is as tragic as understandable. It all started in 2010 when Sander, the man behind SEVERE, was faced with some mysterious health problems which intensified over time. As it turned out, an infected tick had been the culprit and due to a combination of a late diagnosis and inadequate treatment, “Lyme disease” had found its way into the deeper regions of his system – far from the reach of most medication.

After long periods of intensive treatment with strong antibiotics over a long period of time, Sander was made redundant in 2015. Good bye health, so long steady job… However, this tragedy lead the way to doing things his own way, in his own time and at his own speed. And what better way to do this than by reviving SEVERE? Despite his physical limitations, Sander is more passionate about his company than ever.  Opening his own boardshop is the next step after relaunching his  brand in  january 2016.  Skatesurfsnowstore should offer an alternative to  the exchangeable  mainstream  which seems standard nowadays…..      “Stay tuned, gear up and drop out : There’s no authority but yourself

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