Punkrock- & Snowboard Veteran

Sander Kuipers:  Born in the Sixties, child of the Seventies and raised in the counterculture off the early Eighties . Grown up during the rise  of skatepunk and the first days of snowboarding. Discarding maturation, some thing stayed the same : “There’s no Authority but Yourself ”



  •  is the brainchild of Graphic Designer – and self proclaimed independent Artist – Sander Kuipers. Altered images, deviant Art, Collages, Surreal Work, the Art of Punk & Applied Boardsports Design. Beyond boundaries since 1979.


    Creative biography Sander Kuipers
    1980 – 1983 Editor/ design  Ratdraaierszzz Punk zine
    1984 –1985 Art school multimedia/graphic design
    1985- 1989 Study – Teacher Children Special Needs
    1990-2015 Teacher of Mentally Challenged  Children
    2002-2010 Founder/designer SEVERE Boardgear
    2010 Infected Tick Bite:  Lyme Disease
    2011- Now Health issues and on going limitations
    2012-2015 Temporary incapacitated/ rehabilitation
    2016-2017 Artist support Lyme Research  Crowdfuning for Chronic Lyme
    2017-2019 Co-Founder / Graphic Design  Powfinder Snowboards
    2018-now Severe Relapse & Permanently incapacitated
    2019- Now Founder of – Deviant Art/ D.I.Y Design / Surreal Work / …..

    Lyme Brain 2.0 - Mixed Media Sander Kuipers
    Music biography Sander Kuipers  (click band name to follow link)

    1980-1983 Knax
    1981-1984 ZMIV
    1984- 1988 Grey Landscape
    1989- 1997 Burst!
    1997-  2001 Rokbok
    2004- 2006 Blast-O-Matic
    2007-2011 Le Roi Mort et les Lentilles Rouges

    The ‘music career’ ended after I contracted Lyme Disease . Sensory overload .

    Le Roi Mort - Live in Vallouise /Pays des Ecrins France 2010
    Le Roi Mort – Live in Vallouise /Pays des Ecrins France 2010


    Le Roi Mort et les Lentilles Rouges was the latest project of some freaked out punkrock veterans meeting their offspring in a genre-busting “cirque du musique”. These bon vivants were blending the finest French chansons with festive polka tunes, twice as fast! Energetic,ridiculous , transgressing and passionate: “Le Roi Mort…” was a whirling phenomenon between the Balkan and Bordeaux. Le Roi Mort: 2007-2011

    ZMIV (1979 – 1984)

      ZMIV released one of the most raging and collectible euro hardcore EP’s.  The ” Banzai here’s ZMIV beware “  features a strong ruckus of pogo blended with early thrash, but with gruffly-sung vocals and neat guitar lines. It’s an 8-song banger without a single boring moment – a perfect hardcore EP.  Their recordings on the “Als je haar maar goed zit vol 2” compilation , as compelling as their Banzai! EP, but in a much different way. An example of  raging crossover in melody and in the riffing, but still fast, urgent, and with a unmistakably punk production.

    Super dark Times - Mixed Media- Sander Kuipers

    Biography Sander Kuipers