Review Powfinder Snowboards

Powfinder rated Favorite at national Freeride Snowboard test

POWFINDER rated Favorite at national Freeride Snowboard test

Years of developing and riding handcrafted snowsurf shapes eventually resulted in the 2017 launch of snowboard company POWFINDER.

POWFINDER  is adding the flex of Bamboo to all its boards which results in an optimal deep pow and on piste carve experience. The combination of top-notch materials and outstanding performance is told to be the next level in European snowsurf community. This years edition of the National Freeride Test  of  “Wintersportmagazine”   tested boards of the bigger brands ( Jones, Burton, GNU, Ride , Capita, etc) Dutch startup Powfinder was rated favorite!

  • Review Powfinder Snowboards
    Powfinder rated favorite in the national Freeride snowboardtest

    “….combines a stable dampening and aggresive turning characteristics with lots of power. Ideal for the advanced to expert powder-rider. Powfinder offers a lot of bamboo for an excellent price”
      Wintersportmagazine – NSKIV  November 2018


                                                                                                                                              Review Powfinder Snowboards

    Last year we had the chance to test, ride and review their board in different conditions. After riding mainstream boards from brands  like Burton, Salomon, Lib Tech, Never Summer and the KORUA we felt quite excited to test this grassroot snowsurfbrand to the fullest. Using only high end materials, the specifics of the signature series are particularly promising, yet versatile and affordable. The board has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and an aesthetically pleasing bamboo topsheet. A superfast black electra 5920 base , extra inserts for a wider stance, a continuous steel edge- even on the inside of rounded swallowtail are completing this ‘Bamboo Packed Powder Board’ POWFINDER offers a top notch alternative for the expensive Japanese snowsurf Brands and delivers at the same time a high end substitute for the mainstream ‘boards on a budget’.

    After two weeks cruisin’the Morris157 on ice, hardpack, slush and deep powder we were surprised about the maneuverability, versatility and overall performance of this swallowtail snowboard. The pointed nose makes sure you charge tracked and untracked snow with the biggest ease, it’s specific snowsurf shape lets you turn on a dime effortlessly in the steepest couloirs , it’s more playfull in treeruns and a real delight on wide open fields than all my former KORUA boards. Powfinder Snowboards have to be ridden actively to get the best out of its massive rocker/camber/rocker profile.  It carves like a beast and is an overall head turner in resorts .  See more review Powfinder Snowboards

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