There's no Authority but Yourself

Born in the sixties, but raised in the early eighties Punk Rock scene. Grow up during the rise  of skatepunk and the first days of snowboarding. Discarding maturation, some thing stayed the same : There’s no Authority but Yourself



  •  is the brainchild of Graphic Designer – and self proclaimed independent Artist – Sander Kuipers. Altered images, deviant Art, Collages, Surreal Work, the Art of Punk & Applied Boardsports Design. Beyond boundaries since 1979.


    Sander Kuipers -Creative Biography
    1980 – 1983 Editor/ design  Ratdraaierszzz Punk zine
    1984 –1985 Art school multimedia/graphic design
    1985- 1989 Study – Teacher Children Special Needs
    1990-2015 Teacher of Mentally Challenged  Children
    2002-2010 Founder/designer SEVERE Boardgear
    2010 Infected Tick Bite:  Lyme Disease
    2011- Now Health issues and on going limitations
    2012-2015 Temporary incapacitated/ rehabilitation
    2016-2017 Artist support Lyme Research  Crowdfuning for Chronic Lyme
    2017-2019 Co-Founder / Graphic Design  Powfinder
    2018-now Relapse & Permanently incapacitated
    2019- Now Founder of – Deviant Art/ D.I.Y Design / Surreal Work / …..

    Sander Kuipers-Music Biography   (click band name to follow link)

    1980-1983 Knax
    1981-1984 ZMIV
    1984- 1988 Grey Landscape
    1989- 1997 Burst!
    1997-  2001 Rokbok
    2004- 2006 Blast-O-Matic
    2007-2011 Le Roi Mort et les Lentilles Rouges

    The ‘music career’ ended after I contracted Lyme Disease . Sensory overload .

    Le Roi Mort - Live in Vallouise /Pays des Ecrins France 2010
    Le Roi Mort – Live in Vallouise /Pays des Ecrins France 2010


    Le Roi Mort et les Lentilles Rouges was the latest project of some freaked out punkrock veterans meeting their offspring in a genre-busting “cirque du musique”. These bon vivants were blending the finest French chansons with festive polka tunes, twice as fast! Energetic,ridiculous , transgressing and passionate: “Le Roi Mort…” was a whirling phenomenon between the Balkan and Bordeaux. Le Roi Mort: 2007-2011

    ZMIV (1979 – 1984)

      ZMIV released one of the most raging and collectible euro hardcore EP’s.  The ” Banzai here’s ZMIV beware “  features a strong ruckus of pogo blended with early thrash, but with gruffly-sung vocals by  and neat guitar lines. It’s an 8-song banger without a single boring moment – a perfect hardcore EP.  Their recordings on the “Als je haar maar goed zit vol 2” compilation , as compelling as their Banzai! EP, but in a much different way. An example of  raging crossover in melody and in the riffing, but still fast, urgent, and with a unmistakably punk production.


    Super dark Times - Mixed Media- Sander Kuipers