severe skateboards- meltdown edition


Beyond Boundaries since 1979

Independent skate surf and snowboard company SEVERE created and designed supreme quality Skateboards, boardsports apparel and high performance Surfboards. SEVERE was founded in 2002 by Punkrock and Snowboard-veteran Sander Kuipers.  Coming from the late seventies Punkrock scene the brand cherished nearly forty years of independent “Do It Yourself” attitude. This, combined with an  ongoing passion for skate, surf and snowboarding is what SEVERE was all about. In time, after Sander got struck by Lyme Disease.    SEVERE turned into a family business. Kaj Kuipers – youth worker and skateboard teacher- transformed SEVERE into a succesfull partner in hosting events, skateboardclinics and skateboarding events.

Check out for renting a mobile skatepark including  skateboardclinics and more

  • SEVERE Boardgear:  mobile skatepark and rentals

    A big advantage of hiring SEVERE Boardgear for organizing and hosting your event : We have the full equipment – a mobile skatepark, miniramp, skateboards and protective gear for individuals, small or larger groups, events and festivals- Support your local skate scene!

    SEVERE doesn’t carry that average “skate team” . In fact: we stopped sponsoring team riders  for several reasons. We strongly believe that “the action sports industry” isn’t the playground of corporate investors. It is not  about pumping funds and  exploiting teens on stage. It’s not about powerful distributors deciding what’s hot and happening.

    However we do support people for less obvious reasons.  As a socially engaged company, SEVERE has chosen to support nonprofit organizations like   Save the waves, Protect Our Winters, Skateistan, Animal Rights, ILADS, PETA….to name a few.

    Everybody deserves  to be a “team-member”  That disabled kid, desperately trying to fit in – That not so talented boy : we admire your determination .It’s comforting to realize  everybody can be part of something …somehow…somewhere.  For additional information, bookings and more, take a look at


    SEVERE Boardgear, reliable skateboard partner at Madnes Festival for years.