The Art of Punk

The Consciousness of the Counterculture

It must have been somewhere in 1977.  Punk hit me for the first time. Nearly half a century it still has his impact on how I see and feel the World. From the first rip and torn/cut and paste/glued and photocopied  punkrock magazine Ratdraaierszzz (1980-1983) band flyers and graphics for Dutch hardcore punkband ZMIV . is the 2019+ heritage  and maybe  the final version of a lifelong span of “cutting and pasting, mixing media, designing graphics and creating dreamscapes from scrap.



  • ” Ratdraaierszz backcover ” 1982:  “His Royal Higness” Prince Bernhard….a questionable youth, dedicated hunter and a total lack of integrity ”  #artivism avant le lettre

    Punk rock gave birth to an art movement that was little appreciated at the time but soon became influential around the globe. The Art of Punk movement revolutionized design in ways whose influence is still felt today, and reflected the consciousness of a counterculture with a clarity seldom seen since. (Wayback in 1980 I cut and pasted the first pages of Ratdraaierszzz a Dutch punkzine which I made with my friend and illustrator Harmen. Ratdraaierszzz  was a completely independent D.I.Y. black and white xerox zine distributed in all the independent Bookshops in The Netherlands.(1980-1983)

    ” Ratdraaierszzz pt …?  frontcover ” 1982



    “Banzai here’s ZMIV beware! ” e.p  (1982)   

    The Art of Punk communicates the explosive energy and “messthetic” rawness of punk graphics with persuasive power. This was an art of expediency, making use of collage, cartoon drawings, hand-lettering, rub-down lettering, ransom-note lettering, stencils rubber-stamping and black and white Xerox copying, as well as silkscreen and offset litho. These ideas were directly taken from who might be the under-recognized predecessors to punk, the Dadaists, who — much like the punks — valued scissors and glue over paint and brushes.


    The evolution from the early eighties untill now :  anger is an energy. Still provoking. With the rise of right wing populism, climate change  denial,  and growing polarizing of modern day society,  the need for artivism seems bigger than ever before.  All hope and biggest support  to the new generation of Greta Lundberg,  #XR rebellion,  #wirsindmehr #meatthevictims   Respect – I will pass the torch to you.


    #stoptheslaughter #eatafarmer  #sluitdestallen #kooideboer